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What is your pet policy?

Check when booking as some of our units are pet-free, however we allow furry friends in most of our vehicles.  We have an invisible pet policy on those which means no fees unless there are visible signs of your little buddy’s vacation (hair, dirt, waste, damage, etc.)

Are your RVs festival friendly?

Absolutely – unless you’re talking about Burning Man.  Bonnaroo is a huge event here every year and we sell out well in advance of the festival dates.  As long as you take good care of the RV, prevent damage, and bring it back relatively clean, we encourage RVing as the ultimate way to experience your favorite festival.  The problem with Burning Man is the playa dust.  It will never come out of the RV, so we just don’t allow that one. 

Are there limitations on where we can go?

The RVs cannot go into Mexico.  If you’re leaving the lower 48, let us know and we’ll verify insurance coverage.  Other than that, go wherever the road leads you!

Do you allow boondocking?

We allow off grid camping, but we want to make sure the dispersed camping area you are visiting has proper roads and clearance from tree branches.  Getting in and out of dispersed camp sites can be tricky if they aren’t properly maintained.  We also recommend if you’re a first-timer that you do not attempt off grid camping.  It takes some experience knowing how to manage your fresh and waste water as well as fuel for the generator, etc.

How many miles are included in the rental rate?

For travel trailers, it is unlimited.  For motorized RVs, you get 100 miles per night.  There are small fees starting at $0.35/mile if you exceed the included mileage.  If you provide your destination if it’s out and back or total mileage if your trip is a loop, we can include those in the quote. 

Who dumps the waste tanks?

We prefer the renter to dump the tanks.  However, if you prefer the convenience or returning them full, we charge $150 tank dump fee.  Bring them back empty, no charge. 

Do you allow towing?

We may allow towing depending on several factors.  You must own or borrow the towed device.  Absolutely no rental trailers/vehicles.  Boats are prohibited.  Additional fees will apply depending on what you’re towing and how far you’re going.  Please contact us for a quote for towing. 

Do you recommend trip insurance and roadside assistance?

Yes!  You most likely won’t need it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it.

What is the insurance situation?

We have commercial rental insurance on all of our vehicles.  For motorized RVs, the insurance covers state minimum liability and comp and collision incidents.  For travel trailers, it covers comp and collision with Tennessee State Law requiring the tow vehicle to cover the liability while the trailer is attached.    Deductibles per insurable occurrence are the renter’s responsibility.  Additional supplemental liability insurance may be available through our insurance provider for as low as $15/day for $1 Million in coverage.   

Do I need a CDL to drive a motorhome?

No, you just need a valid standard driver’s license. 

What is the minimum age for renters/drivers?

All drivers and the primary renter must be 25 or older.  Sorry, insurance makes this rule.

Are the RVs self-sufficient and self-contained?

Motorized RVs are 100% self-contained. Our motorhomes have onboard generators for power, complete kitchens, and restrooms with toilet and bath. Travel Trailers are 75% self-contained. Travel Trailers have complete kitchens, and restrooms with toilet and bath, but need a source of power from a shore power source.  Alternatively, you can rent a generator from us.  Note, the house batteries will power the 12V system without the use of a generator for several hours, however you will not be able to use the wall outlets (including microwave and TV) without plugging in to shore power or running a generator.